General Terms of Service for Consumers

These "General Terms and Conditions for Consumer Services" apply to relations between

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1. Definitions

Offer: An assortment of products offered by, which can be ordered by the consumer via
Order: a statement of will submitted by the consumer through the website, resulting in the conclusion of the Agreement.
Consumer: An individual who engages with an entrepreneur in a legal activity not directly related to her business or profession, submitting a Restaurant Order through the Company, or more specifically to the Platform.
Agreement: the legal relationship between the Consumer and the Restaurant on the basis of the Order submitted for its delivery and its delivery or personal receipt. Services: Activities offered to Consumer by via


Online Payment Systems: PayPal and Credit Card

3. Application and General Provisions

These General Terms and Conditions for Consumer Services [hereinafter GTC] apply only to the Services provided by EatFitCatering for which it is fully responsible. The Company informs that the use of the Platform by the Consumer is a service provided electronically
Services provided by the Company to the Consumers, and falling within the scope of these GTCs, are free of charge to them. The Company grants this GTC to the consumers via the Platform in a teleinformatic system, and in such a way that it can be downloaded, reproduced, fixed and printed.

4. Rules of providing services by electronic means:

Commencement of service provision by the Company occurs when the Consumer starts using the Platform and accepts the terms and conditions of this GTC. Service provided by EatFitCatering to the consumer is not limited in time. Use by Consumers from the Services is only possible with a PC connected, connected to the Internet, a Mac, or similar, equipped with a darker? website Consumer use of the Services provided by the Company is also possible on mobile devices such as: smartphone, tablet, mobile palmtop. However, it is necessary to have access to one of the devices listed in zd. Previous to the Internet and equipment in one of the browsers While using the Services, it is not permitted for the consumer to provide unlawful content, including but not limited to:
- data and information crafted in such a way as to pose a risk of compromising the security of the IT system or the stability of the Platform;
- information that violates any good of the Company or third parties;
- other data and information that violates mandatory laws, including pornographic content, referring to racism, nationalism, fascism, or violence.
Using the Platform Consumers are obliged to follow generally applicable laws and rules of social coexistence. It is prohibited to use the Services by Consumers in a manner that is contrary to generally applicable laws, good morals, or in a manner that undermines the Company's legitimate interests. In particular, the Consumer will not take any action that would expose the Company to any damage to property. It is forbidden for consumers to download content from databases made available on the Platform and to reuse them in whole or in part in quality or quantity. The Company reserves the right to protect all copyrights and materials available on the Platform. Consumers have the right to use them only for authorized personal use. Copying, reproducing, distributing on the Internet and other forms of use of materials and messages on the Platform beyond the permitted legal limits is prohibited.

5. Offer

EatFitCatering publishes the Offer on its website.

6. Agreement

The contract is concluded at the time the Consumer completes the Order by clicking on the payment button. The consumer will immediately receive confirmation of his / her conclusion to the e-mail address specified by him / her when placing the Order.

7. Withdrawal from the Agreement

Due to the perishable nature of the products offered by EatFitCatering, the Consumer is not entitled to withdraw from the Agreement after its actual implementation begins.

8. Payment

Payment is made online according to the price list on the site. For payment we use paypal payment system and payment by credit card.

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