About us

We are a professional dietary catering with wide offer and unique culinary experiences. We care not only about high quality of our diet meals but also about inspiring you to discover how can you achieve your goals by heathy eating.

Our meals are based on healthy and fresh ingredients as well as selected, high quality spices. We don’t use artificial preservatives and flavorimprovers. We cooperate with a cook who makes sure that the meals are low in calories but rich in captivating, interesting flavors.

With the needs of our customers in mind we created catering for people who care about their health and for those who need help in getting good figure. Eat Fit is not only dietary catering but also a lifestyle, fight for the perfect body and positive change in dietary habits.

Eat Fit offers three different calorific levels. If you are not sure which one will serve you the best, contact us, we are always happy to help.

Don’t wait, change your dietary habits today and join the Eat Fit team.

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